MYTV26 What is Public Access TV?
 In this day and age when most media outlets, be they newspapers, radio or television, are held in the hands of a few large corporations, 

Public Access is the Voice of the People

The Central Valley Media Center, Inc., - MYTV26 - is the voice of the people in Modesto and the surrounding communities, offering them an opportunity to have their say about the issues confronting them locally and nationally.Do you have something to say?                                Contact MYTV26 today!!
(209) 410-9494
                                                                                 Step 1: Attend an Orientation Session

Attendance is required for all new producers on MYTV26 and recommended for all producers who currently have shows on the air. This is a time for us to learn from each other. This is a time for questions, comments, suggestions and networking. Orientation is free and open to the public although seating is limited. Check the schedule of events for an upcoming Orientation session. Please contact the office at (209)410-9494 to reserve your seat. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early.

                                                     Step 2: Submit Your Show Proposal

Because of federal and state laws and regulations, Public Access television is limited in what we can present, both in content and in time slots. For example, programs on public access channels are not permitted to have paid advertisements.

MYTV26 broadcasts programming in four (4) basic categories. These are:

  1.Inspirational programming - including religious and spiritual programming.

  2.Arts and Culture / Entertainment - this is the broadest of categories including entertainment programming, educational programming on aspects of arts, health, etc.

  3.First Amendment and Free Speech programming - including editorial opinion, national and international issues programming.

  4.Local Issues and news - Similar to Free Speech or 1st Amendment programming in that it includes editorial opinion (and response) material, this category also provides an avenue for broadcast of news of more local nature.

                                                    Step 3: Submit your Pilot Episode or Show

As a result of the layers of regulations, and the desire to present programming that is of a reasonable level of quality, all producers seeking to be added to the schedule will be required to submit their first show before the program will be accepted for airing. We want to be sure that it is appropriate in content as well as quality for broadcast on MYTV26. A preliminary Request for Time Slot may be submitted at this time.

                               Step 4: Submit Your Request For Time Slot and Registration Fees

Look at the Schedule, find a time slot that is appropriate for your material and submit your request. If the spot is vacant, your show will be scheduled. Slots are available in 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute and 120 minute sections. Free Speech programming -- editorial opinion -- can be as short as 1 minute and will be used between longer programs. Equal rebuttal time will be provided upon request. STILL SUBMIT YOUR TIME REQUEST EVEN IF FILLED TIME SLOTS.




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